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Jhaneliz. 20. Philippines.

I love life and everything that's in it - everything. :)

Give love. Inspire. Touch hearts.

I want to be part of other people's lives. I want to touch their hearts in ways I know. I want others to feel that they are loved and cared for. Doing things not only for me, but most of all, for other people, is something that I truly enjoy. That's how I value mankind.

I hope that someday, I'll be leaving permanent marks- good ones, in this world.

We only have one life, but if we live it right, one life is enough. :)
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"If every single person in this room made it a rule that wherever you are, whenever you can, you will try to act a little kinder than is necessary- the world really would be a better place. And if you do this, if you act just a little kinder than is necessary, someone else, somewhere, someday, may recognize in you, in every single one of you, the face of God."

There are a lot of people in this world who are very judgmental. They look at people and what they see are imperfections, faults - that he or she does not look good, or that what he or she wears is out of style, and a lot more. They see everything in a person and judge everything. It seems like they are perfect- that they do not have any flaws or dark sides. They make people around them feel inferior.

This is one of the reasons why I am afraid at times; why I cannot completely be myself. I do not know how people manage to criticize you like you do not have any worth. What is the point of that? Does judging somebody make them happy? Proud? Superior? Best? Perfect? They do not know and realize how they make other people feel. That it really hurts to be judged; to know that other people talk behind you; say unpleasant things about you. It really hurts.

There are a lot of things that can happen in a day. Your crush might talk to you; your best friend might go away and leave; you can receive an extra pay from work; or you can get fired. My point is you have to do everything you want as long as there is time. You have to cherish each and every moment. You need to enjoy your life in moderation. Nobody knows what will happen next. Nobody knows when your time would be up. The key is to enjoy the present. Live the life you have now. There is so much more to life than just existing. We are given a good life, and our purpose is to live it right. 

Little brother, you are so dear to me
I love you more than you can feel and see
I will never leave you, I promise
I will stay with you, protect you, and guide you until the very end <3 

Ate loves you so much. :* together, we will always be; through good and bad times you can count on me. I am your “babe” and you are my “baby boy”. Thank you for holding my hand at night when I cannot sleep. Thank you for being my hero whenever I’m afraid. You are eleven years younger than me, yet you are a lot braver and stronger. You are my superhero, little man! :D No matter how many times we fight over Pringles and chocolates; which side of the bed is yours and which is mine, you will always be my bestfriend, my little brother and the little man I love the most. :D <3 I love you so much! :D

Happy Happy Happy Birthday, Joshua! <3 :*

"Even then, it hurts. The pain was always there, pulling me inside of myself, demanding to be felt." 💔 John Green, you really made me cry. 😢

Thank you for giving me this wonderful life; I know that I have made a lot of mistakes. I have failed You so many times; but still, You are here by my side. I know that I am not worthy enough for all Your blessings; I am not worthy to live this life I have now; but You believe in me. You never leave my side. You are always with me. I am sorry if I fail to appreciate all the things You do and give. I’m sorry for all my flaws, insecurities and negativity. I know that I am not perfect. I may be not what other people want me to. But my heart is always open for You. May You live within me. Keep the fire burning. May You help me and guide me to be more like You; to love like you. Make me the person You want me to be. Lord, lead me to the path that I should take. I trust You, Lord. I love you with all that I am. :)


Today is not a good day. The rain keeps on pouring. Many places here in Cavite are now flooded. A lot have lost their homes, and with it, their hopes.

Earlier this day, I saw how the water instantly rushed into our house. We weren’t able to do anything about it. I got very nervous. I was shaking. I didn’t know what to do or how to react. I just caught myself staring blanklessly on the floor, watching it being covered by water. Minute after minute, it seemed that the flood keeps on getting higher and higher. I saw how our neighbors go back and forth outside with their appliances on their shoulders. They were all panicking. I heard them shouting. I heard them saying that their houses are now under water; that they weren’t able to get any clothes with them, and a lot more sentiments.

We were so lucky that the water that got inside our house was just below knee level. I couldn’t imagine how it would be like if it was more than that. Seeing how helpless some of our neighbors are, knowing how difficult it is for them to recover after this tragic experience, it is so heartbreaking. This, like any other day, showed me how blessed I am and my family. And we are sharing these blessings to everyone. It is always a good thing to help people, to show them some love, and to share them what we have. That’s why we let them stay inside our house and we give them food.

I will never be tired of helping other people. God provides me and my family a lot of blessings. And it will not truly satisfy me if I don’t share them with other people, especially those who really need help.

God’s mercy prevails. His love is all around. I am just one of His many followers. I am just an instrument of God. O Lord, thank you for everything. We trust in You. <3


I want to live a life worth living. And I hope that someday, I’ll be leaving permanent marks- good ones, in this world.

                         The process of becoming is a learning process. Every time we learn something, we become someone new. We are capable of doing numerous things and are capable of change. Growth and development take place when we are under the process of becoming. We become more open to exploring who we are as well as discovering ourselves. One thing we should bear in our minds is to be real and not superficial as we take each step in our journey. It is difficult to be someone you’re not, so as much as possible, stay true to yourself. Come on as you are. Let yourself shine. This will definitely bring you closer to what you are meant to be.

                         At the start of my years in college, I was pretty much depressed. I was never sure of myself as well as the course that I am taking; because honestly, I don’t have any idea about Occupational Therapy. And for that reason, I didn’t have enough courage and confidence to do things, and if I did, it was rare. I knew my life was heading in a bad direction and all I wanted was to change it.

                         Weeks after the first day of college, I have gained enough motivation to push through and go on with my journey in school. Everyday, I learn new lessons and face new challenges thus, opening my eyes to see that this is what God wants me to do; that this is where He planned me to be. With that in my heart and mind, I begin to love this course. And each day, it seems that I want to be closer and closer to being a licensed Occupational Therapist, doing the best I can to help people.

                         I love life and everything that’s in it. I want to be part of other people’s lives- touch their hearts in ways I know. I want others to feel that they are loved and cared for. Doing things not only for me, but most of all, for other people, is something that I truly enjoy. That’s how I value mankind. I want to live a life worth living. And I hope that someday, I’ll be leaving permanent marks- good ones, in this world.And to be an Occupational Therapist someday, will definitely fulfill those ultimate goals of mine. To know that I have become a motivation and a help to someone is like the most satisfying thing I could ever feel.

                         Of course the journey before being an OT someday wouldn’t be that easy. There will be a lot of hardships. You would have sleepless nights, you would feel the pressure, and you would have to sacrifice your personal and social life sometimes.

                         There are a lot of things that push me to keep on going and to never ever give up no matter how hard this journey is, but what makes me strive more starts with God. He put me in this situation, therefore, I trust Him. He knows what’s best for me. He gave me skills, talents and abilities hence; I will do my best with it. Next is my family; I have very supportive parents who keep me motivated all the time. They don’t set expectations too high for me to meet because they trust me with what I can. And because of that, I promise to myself to always make them proud to have a daughter like me.

                        When you know deep down inside your heart what you want to achieve, what you want to do, and what you want to become, you’ll do everything to push harder, aim higher, and give even more. Everything begins within us. It’s us who work for our future. It is us who brings change. Faith is the word which we need to crest in our minds and hearts; Faith that we can do everything; Faith that we can surpass all the negativities that may come our way. And faith that we can become someone better, someone others would look up to, someone that would inspire and touch other people’s lives, and someone who would make a great difference in this world.

                         Where should I be? There’s only one answer- here. 


Love is the most powerful thing there is in the world. It makes people act crazy, do silly things, and just be themselves. Love is something we cannot resist or hide. We cannot stop ourselves from feeling the emotions we feel towards somebody else. Love is merely love. It is pure, worthwhile and strong. Whether it’s love for our parents, friends, opposite sex or same sex. There’s no difference at all. It is still love. Love is love. We should not be judgmental or harsh about it. 

They Don&#8217;t Know About Us

They Don’t Know About Us